Corchen Website Design and Build

Corchen Website Design & Build

Corchen website design Wigan delivers website design and build across the Northwest and beyond. Before building a website we need to understand your organisation, clients and competitors. From this we can work out your key business goals. Without Carrying out that essential business analysis, there is a good chance your site will not be as effective as your business needs it to be. It is no more than should be expeted from a professional website design & build expert.

Website Design for Business, Sports, Lesisure and Charities

Professional Small Business Website Design Example Liverpool
Corchen Small Business Website Customer Example

Your organisation may be a business (large or small), a spotrs club, charity or something completely different. Your clients may be paying customers, club members or charity donaters. Whatever your situation, Corchen will communicate with you using clarity and common sense. Our job is to demonstrate why a website is important for your organisation’s health in this very competitive world.

Our experts have been working with organisations in the private and public sectors since 1984. Their experience has been developed working with clients across the UK, Europe and the USA. They have a strong balance of business knowledge and technical know how. That combination allows us to deliver excellent technical products to meet your business objectives.

Reasons why a Website Benefits Your Organisation

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Winstanley WHats On News SIte


In a world laced with scams, you want to assure customers that your organisation is genuine and ethical. Having a well crafted website showing up in Google search results demonstrates that people are searching for your product or service. The fact that it will show up in search results is indicative that Google believes you have a good offer to customers. This gives you the opportunity to drastically increase your customer base.

Remember, may potential customer will first search on Google for you on hearing your organisatrion’s name. Without a website, people may question your legitimacy as a business. Having a website is an opportunity to make a great first impression and give people comfort that you’re a real business. It provides a great place for customers and would be customers to find out reliable information about your approach and services.

Increasing Customers

Website design Wigan - Small Bakery Site Example
Small Business Hospitality Website

Clearly an important reason to have a site in the first place. A Corchen designed and built website will be optimized for appearance in search engines. As such when people are searching for a product or service, there is a chance your website will show up in the results. It happens without paying for addiational advertising. That is known as organic search. As a direct result your website will drastically increase your chance to increase the number of customers you have. It will also attract previous customers to repeat their engagement with you.

Your Company Brand Image

Corchen website design will ensure your branding is consistent across all media that your customer sees. It will immediately set you apart from your competitors. It’s all about making it easire for customers to find out about your services.

People whho have bought from you or used your services will immediately remember when they click through to your site. If they were happy last tgime, it will give them reassurance the next time.

Improving Customer Services

Making it easier for customers to find out about when you are open and where you aare based and how to get hold of you reduces their frustration. Not only that, but it also reduced the time of your staff having to answer such questions by phone, email or social media. It really is a win win. Corchen extend this in their website design by helping you to develope other useful pages such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Customer Communications

Your company website is often a first point of contact for clients who want to check the latest new. For example this could include opening times on a sunday, latest product offerings and much much more. As well as being placed on your Home Page, Corchen can advise how to extend this through Blog Articles and other Page Content.

Of course visibility of all the ways to get in touch with your organisation will only helpt to encourage additional visitors to your site. Equally important, it will help satisfy existing customers. Consider making your phone number and enquiry email address in prominent places across your site.

Not only will all of the above assiste in communicating with your customers and attract new ones, it clearly improves your customer services. It is certainly likely to reduce customer frustration, improveing your reputation.

Digital Marketing

A website provides huge benefits to growing your customer base through digital marketing. Corchen can assist and increase your skills to do so. Driving social media traffic to an informative landing page on your website is a key element. Our expertis in wensite design / build and diigital marketing can show you how.

How Corchen Website Design Helps You

We will help you address the above points and more. Above all Corchen will show you how to attract more business or extend your services online. Our beautifully designed websites will catch your customers eyes. We make your website stand out from your competitors and a cornerstone of your branding. We can work weith your existing branding or help you develop it. Corchen can also help with graphics, content and drwa on relevasnt stock high qualitystock images. Corchen will take your initial ideas or even guide you through how to develop them. We are a business benefit focused website developer.

All our sites provide content management. That means you can update the site content at anytime, keeping your costs down and reacting to market changes and competition quickly. All our websites are fully responsive (adaptable to mobile, tablet and phone).

Need something that we haven’t covered? Get in touch and we will see how we can help.

Take a look at some of our portfolio examples from Corchen.

Final Thoughts on your Organsation’s Website

As a website offers you so many advantages, make a start today. It doesn’t have to be huge. Just select a beautiful Home page aligned to your Company branding and messages. Make sure you don’t forget to tell people how to get in touch with you either and make that information easy to find.

Once published Corchen can help you to promote your website using digital media and SEO. Tioy can then enhance your website with additional pages and blog articles. In fact keeping your page fresh with new content helps keep customers coming back. Use the new content as part of your social media campaigns and announcements to keep customer interest and attract new visitors by answering the questions they have put into a search engine.

Get in touch with Corchen website design Wigan for a no pressure chat on how we can help your organisation.