About Corchen

About Corchen

Who are Corchen?

We have been working in IT since 1984. Just as importantly, we have been applying it to help businesses, organisations and individuals ever since then. IT is merely another business discipline to help an organisation’s health.

Who do Corchen Help?

Over decades we have worked with organisations from multinational, to startups as well as sports and other leisure organisations. Customers have come from many diverse sectors. That has only strengthened our skills so that we can help you.

Corchen’s Key Skills

Of course we provide a wide range of IT related skills. However more often than not, there is a strong need to draw on our business analysis skills. Why is this important to you? Well, it means we can understand how your business works, its customers, competition on regulations.

It is about understanding the complete challenge and how to deliver the most effective options for your organisation. It also helps to ensure you have a long term path you can further develop on.